Communion with the Holy Spirit.

Following on from last week's message, Nunsy Cameron encourages and exhorts us to partnership with the Holy Spirit; to be in communion with Him.

We are encouraged to listen to, and share, what the Holy Spirit is saying to us.

An important part of being able to commune with the Holy Spirit is recognising that we are part of the church body and as such we need to be in a good relationship with God and each other.

Yes, it can be difficult; but if we are strong in the Word then we can be in communion with the Holy Spirit!

Exercise the Ministry of the Holy Spirit!

Dave Feldman, our guest speaker, exhorts and encourages us to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit.

He reminds us that we can do this effectively through practice and the renewing of our minds.

During this message you will hear Dave minister to some of the people who were with us today.

NB: Due to time restraints in this coming week, Techy Dave has decided to post this message as soon as possible. So do not be surprised to hear the open fire crackling and a few other things; editing has been minimal!

The time restraints this coming week are because Techy Dave is working on an MGF project which involves a lot of CD production; we will share a bit more about the project a little later in the month.

Affirm constantly the truth of the Word!

Paul's letter to Titus is a letter to a pastor; it is also a letter to all born again believers.

This letter exhorts Titus to teach sound doctrine with all authority and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone.

We see in this letter that the Gospel, the Good News, is that we are made righteous, through faith, as a gift of grace; it is all about what Jesus has done and nothing of what we have done or will do!

You are not righteous by what you do; you are righteous through what you believe!


NB: Techy Dave is aware of a problem with some electronic noise in this recording.

Stop asking for what has already been provided!

Using the example of Simeon, Pastor Vic shows us that salavation is not just about our 'ticket' into heaven!

Salvation, ie: the Sozo package; is more than that. We need to realise that all that Jesus died for, on the cross, is available to us, right here; right now!

We need to change the way we think about salvation and take what has been provided without asking for it!

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