Revelation #6

In this message, Pastor Vic exhorts us to be aware of false teachers.

What does the Word say about false teachers and how can we identify a false teacher?

We are encouraged to look to Jesus as the 'real deal'; the one true teacher!

What has Jesus already done?

Through being open to God's direction, Pastor Vic, with this message, takes an unplanned break from The Book of Revelation.

This message exhorts us that we need to know, understand and believe, what the Word of God says about who Jesus is and why He came down to earth.

We need to be aware of, 'the tradition of men' - Colossians 2 v 8, and we need to be aware that we are, 'rightly dividing the word of truth.' - 2 Timothy 2 v 15.

Revelation #5

Pastor Vic continues to teach from Revelation 2 and we hear about what Jesus tells John to write to the Church at Pergamos.

Jesus encourages the Pergamos church by letting them know that He sees their good works. However, He also sees things that they need to be warned about; not to be condemned about but to be aware about.

The two issues that Jesus highlights are idol worship and self indulgence.

What does this mean for us today? Have a listen and find out!


At about 10:15  you will hear Techy Dave speak out part of a scripture reading; this is because of a problem with the recording at that point.

Revelation #4

With this message, Pastor Vic encourages the listener to know their true identity in Christ and the true nature of God.

When Jesus tells John what to write to the Church in Smyrna, we see Him telling them that there will be tribulation but that they are not to fear anything that they will suffer.

There is no need for the believer to be fearful; just be faithful. Yes, we resist the devil but we submit to God.

God is good and nothing bad comes from God!

Revelation #3

Episode 3 of this series moves the listener into Revelation 2.

Many Christians avoid the Book of Revelation as they think that it is all about the 'end times' and the wrath of God!

However, as Pastor Vic has already explained, the start of this book is encouraging and positive.

At the start of chapter 2 Jesus tells John to write to the angel, ie. the pastor, of the Church in Ephesus. Jesus not only points out what has gone wrong but also how the church can get back on track!

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