Who is Jesus? #4

In the fourth message of this series, Pastor Vic starts to share from some of his favourite passages of God's Word to declare the true nature of God.

Over many centuries, religion has told people that our relationship with God is all about our performance. However, God's Word declares that Jesus wants an individual relationship with each one of us through our acceptance of who He is.

Hebrews 1 v 3 declares that Jesus is the express image of God. Therefore, what we see Jesus do is what God does or will do!

Listen to this message and hear about Jesus' relationship with the woman caught in adultery.

Who is Jesus? #3

In the third message of this series, Nunsy Cameron reminds the listener that Jesus came to earth to minister to each one of us.

He came in His Father's name and we have a decision to make about who He says He is.

But whose voice are you listening to? Who, or what, influences you about who Jesus is?


Who is Jesus? #2

In this message, Pastor Vic declares that, if you want to know the will of God the Father, we need to look to Jesus in the Gospels.

If you know, and understand, what Jesus did and who He is, then you will have the heart of Father God.

Through Jesus, we can know the true nature of God!

Sunday 11 November 2018

Apologies folks, but today's message, 'Who is Jesus?', #2, will not be posted until late Wednesday pm.

Who is Jesus? #1

Pastor Vic not only brings the first message of a new series but also the first message from our new venue; ie: The Lhanbryde Community Centre!

In this series, Pastor Vic will be reminding us of some foundational truths that will declare, to the listener, who Jesus is; why He came and what He did.

We need to know and understand these foundational truths so that we can declare the Word of God in spirit and in truth!

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