Born again? You are a new creature!

Nunsy Cameron brings a message that has been laid on her heart by the current teaching at our Thursday evening Bible Study.

Jesus died as the last Adam and He rose again as the Second Man. His death broke the Adamic reign of sin over mankind.

He took to the cross the iniquity, the consequence of that iniquity, and the punishment of that iniquity, and He dealt with it fully and absolutely!

He rose victorious over it, having put it to death, and He was raised a second type of man; the first born of a new, God man race!

Hereafter, any person, who believes on Him, enters into that same death and resurrection. Their Adamic nature is put to death; it is circumcised out of them; they are re-created brand new; re-born into that new, God man race!



NB: The audio has been lifted from our Facebook recording; apologies for the bumps and squeaks!

Sunday 24 March 2019

No message from last Sunday available yet.

Be a disciple!

Pastor Vic exhorts us to be more than just a believer!

Are there elements of your life that need changing? Do you desire to have more knowledge and understanding of God's Word?

If you need to change something in your life then you need to find out what God's Word says about it!

You need to be a disciple to gain more knowledge and understanding of God's Word!

A disciple has access to everything that God's Word says that He has provided!

Sunday 10 March 2019

No message this week as we had the first graduation ceremony of Moray Bible School.

Watch it here...

Sunday 3 March 2019

No message this week folks.

After worship we had a couple of reports from Pastor Vic.

1. Half yearly financial report.

2. India project update.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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