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A Journey Through Colossians 09

Number 9 in our series working through the epistle to the Colossians.

This week we see that Jesus is God, and that He was the Creator. This is of huge importance and a truth not widely taught in the church. Listen to see why it is important we know the truth about the true nature of Jesus.

A Journey Through Colossians 08

Another great message from Pastor Vic; one of great encouragement. We start working through the greatest description of Jesus in scripture, that from Colossians 1 v 14 to 20. Today we see that we are only forgiven, and indeed have absolute and unconditional forgiveness through the blood of Jesus

A Journey Through Colossians 07

This week Pastor Vic really challenges us but also points us in the direction of freedom from addiction and chains. We can see that God has removed us from the power of darkness however we have to move ourselves from that darkness. So what is keeping us in this darkness still; is it ignorance, apathy of laziness?

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