The John The Baptist Principle

What is the John the Baptist Principle?

How can we use this in our life?

Nunsy explains about the plan and purpose of John the Baptist and how we can apply this to our walk with the Lord.

#make good choices - Part 3

Michelle concludes her #makegoodchoices series using two examples of the importance of a repentant heart.

#make good choices - Part 2

This week Michelle continues - discussing our response to what Jesus has done.  

Using Jonah and personal experience Michelle shares about the benefit of responding positively to the call of God on our lives and the benefit of "rowing together" and supporting one another.

#make good choices - Part 1

Today Michelle gave the first message of the New Year - the first of two part series to be concluded next Sunday!

#make good choices!!

(Begins 20 seconds into audio)

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