Sunday 25th October - Lessons from the Life of Joshua 03

What made Joshua (and Caleb) different from the other 10 spies, and what can we learn from them?

This week Pastor Vic shows us how our mindset will affect our lives; being carnally minded or spirtually minded has consequences for us.

We ought to learn from Joshua, trusting in what God has said instead of what the world throws at us.

Learn to day that there is a difference between worldly facts and Godly truths.

Sunday 18th October - Lessons from the Life of Joshua 02

Pastor Vic carries on looking at Joshua this week, examining what it means to be strong and of good courage.

This was good advice to Joshua, but it is also important advice for us as New Covenant believers.

Sunday 11th October - Lessons From the Life of Joshua 01

Pastor Vic shares an exciting message from the beginning of the Book of Joshua.

Although this is a historical account we can look at the typology and see what it is saying to us as New Covenant born-again believers.

Joshua is a picture of us, as individuals and also as the church.

What is this telling us about how to live today?

Listen to find out more.

Sunday 4th of October - The Brook of Cedron

In this week's message Michelle answers her own question; what about the Brook of Cedron?

In John we see Jesus going over this brook, but in the Old Testament we see a number of kings just coming to it.

What does this mean?

What does it tell us about Jesus?

I trust you will be blessed by this lovely piece of typology.

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