Sunday 29th November - How to Live in Peace 03

In the final 'episode' of this mini series, Pastor Vic tells us what he thinks the point of life is.

We are here to make a difference, and in this purpose we find meaning and worth, and in that we can live in peace and joy.

Sunday 22nd November - How to Live in Peace 2

In the message today Pastor Vic continues with the theme from last week.

This time he challenges us to use the yardstick of Philippians 4 v 8 regarding what we listen to, read and watch.

It is vital for our peace and wellbeing that we monitor what we let into our minds, and vital what we keep our mind stayed upon.

Sunday 15th November - How to Live in Peace

In the message today Pastor Vic talks through Isaiah 26 v 3, showing us a model to use for generation of peace in our lives.

We will see that it is what we 'stay' our minds upon that makes a difference in our lives, and determines if we live in peace or not.

Listen to have your life changed.

Sunday 08th November - David, Solomon and the Temple

In our first week back with 'live' church, Nunsy teaches about David and Solomon, and the provision made for the building of the temple.

In this account we see some great typology, contrasting law and grace.

We also see that God has already made provision for all we will ever need as individual believers and also as a church.

Listen to find out more.

Sunday 1st November - Lessons from the Life of Joshua 04

Pastor Vic finishes this wee series explaining why Joshua and Caleb were not in fear, unlike the other spies.

What made them different?

Listen and find out that the key was complete trust in God and what He had said.

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