Sunday 28th February - You Are a Whosover 10

This week Pastor Vic examines the second half of verse 2 in Psalm 23.

Do you know where your 'still waters' are?

And do you know why the Lord leads you there?

Vic answers these questions and more in the teaching today.

Psalm 23

Romans 10 v 17 says, So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.

Hear Psalm 23 in this recording, and let faith come.

Sunday 21st February - You Are a Whosoever 09

This week Pastor Vic starts looking at the second verse of Psalm 23.

Why is the pasture described as green?

And what can we learn about the conditions sheep need before they will lie down and rest?

Listen to find out!

Sunday 14th February - You Are a Whosoever 08

This week Pastor Vic carries on his journey through Psalm 23, by looking at the second half of verse 1.

David says, "I shall not want".

What does this mean for us today as New Covenant believers?

What does this mean for a whosoever?

Sunday 07th February - You Are a Whosoever 07

In this series Pastor Vic moves off into a slightly different area.

We are still looking at what we have and who we are as a whosoever, this week we start working through Psalm 23.

This is a psalm of life and abundance, carrying similar sentiments as in John 10.

This is an encouraging message from a wonderful psalm.

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