Sunday 28th March - Change Your Identity Today

In the message today Pastor Vic examines the passage about blind Bartimaues, son of Timaeus.

What can we learn from his encounter with Jesus?

What is his old identity?

How does he cast this off to move into a new identity?


Sunday 21st March - You Are a Whosoever 13

Pastor Vic completes looking at verse 4 of Psalm 23.

What is a rod? What is a staff?

And what do they mean for us in a New Covenant context, living under grace.

Sunday 14th March - You Are a Whosoever 12

Verse 4 in Psalm 23 is the verse we are looking at today.

Yes, it talks about death, however the 2 key words are 'through' and 'shadow'.

Listen and be encouraged!

Sunday 7th March - You Are a Whosoever 11

This week Pastor Vic continues his journey through Psalm 23, the Abundant Life Psalm.

Today we hear the deep theological truth that verse 3 comes after verse 1 and 2.


Listen to find out more.

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