MGF Sunday 27th June - Compassion 08

In the last lesson in this series, Pastor Vic gives us a final challenge, and also recommends the way to see us live a more compassionate life.

Sorry for the reduced sound quality today.

Sunday 20th June - Compassion and Leprosy

In the sermon this week, Nunsy carries on talking about natural compassion and also guides us thorough some typology from Leviticus 13 and 14.


Sunday 13th June - Compassion 07

Pastor Vic continues his teaching series about compassion.

Today we talk about John 14 v 12 and how each one of us can do the same things that Jesus did.

But where do we start?

Sunday 6th June - Compassion 06

Pastor Vic goes on a wee tangent this week, looking at some typology 'thrown up' from the previous sermons in this series.

Typology takes accounts from the Old Covenant (including the Gospels) and tells us something about the finished work of Jesus.

What can the account of Jesus healing the leper, the account of the Good Samaritan and the account to Jesus with the woman taken in adultery tell us about the finished work of Jesus Christ?

Listen to find out.

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