Sunday 31st of October - Speaking in Tongues 03

Today, Pastor Vic continues his teaching series on speaking in tongues.

In this sermon he looks at what else we receive at our baptism, other than speaking in tongues. There is so much to receive!

Sunday 24th of October - Speaking in Tongues 02

In the second of this new series, Pastor Vic looks at various models in the Word showing believers being baptised in the Holy Spirit.

Can we see a way of receiving today?


Sunday 17th of October - Speaking in Tongues 01

Pastor Vic starts a new teaching series this week; this time looking at the topic of speaking in tongues.

First however we must talk about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.


Sunday 10th October - I‘m Gonna See a Victory

Today we have a special sermon; part teaching and part testimony.

Nunsy shares a very personal journey, including her diary entries, to highlight the power of our thoughts and words.

We can direct our lives for the better through the use of a scripturally sound declaration of appropriation.

Listen and digest, and prepare to have your life changed. 

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