Sunday 19th December - Christmas Series 05

In the final Christmas sermon, Pastor Vic talks about the visitors to Migdal Eder on the night of the Saviour's birth?

What type of shepherds were they?

Where did they work and what was their role?

What can we learn from them with regards to the role and mission of Jesus?

Listen to hear some amazing typology!

Sunday 12th December - Christmas Series 04

Where was Jesus born?

Does this location tell us anything about His mission?

This is one of the 'best kept secrets' in the church; that Jesus was not born in the stable by the inn.

Listen to the sermon to find out more.

Sunday 5th December - Christmas Series 03

We are now into week 3 of Pastor Vic's Christmas sermons.

Today we look at what Mary spoke out, and also what Zacharias did not!

We learn that what we say impacts directly on our lives, and that we (yes we) can, through our words, limit the Holy One of Israel.

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