Christmas 2014 - #4: for unto us…….

In this last message before Christmas, Pastor Vic continues to examine the traditions that have been created about the Birth of Jesus.

He examines the verses in the Old Testament that prophecy the Birth of Jesus and what they mean for us today.

We see that the Old Testament is all about what Jesus is going to do; the Gospels are all about what He is doing; the New Testament is all about what He has done.

We need to examine all scripture so that we will believe the Word of God even if, sometimes, we do not understand it.

Christmas 2014 - #3: On earth peace…….

Pastor Vic continues to show that tradition has stolen away, and hidden, the truth of the Word of God.

At this time of year, we are bombarded with the tradition that Jesus came to bring peace, on earth, throughout mankind. If that is so, then Jesus has failed miserably! In our world there is a distinct lack of peace throughout mankind!

Listen to this message as Pastor Vic explains that the 'peace' spoken of in Luke 2 v 13 - 14 is all about God's peace to man.


Christmas 2014 - #2: The Shepherds at Migdal Edar.

Once again, you will have your knowledge and understanding of the Birth of Jesus Christ seriously challenged as Pastor Vic continues to examine the traditional Nativity story.

By rightly dividing the Word, he shows that the tradition of men has perverted the Word and perverted the typology of the Birth of Jesus Christ.

Tradition has stolen the most exciting element of Biblical Typology and, because of this, the reason for the presence of the shepherds, and the place where Jesus was born, has been hidden and lost.

Christmas 2014 - #1: The Wise Men.

Pastor Vic brings the first message of this year’s series about the Birth of Jesus.

If you rightly divide the Word, 2 Tim 2:15, and study it out for yourself, then you will ‘see’ that the ‘tradition of men’, Colossians 2v8, has perverted the Word of God.

In today’s message, Pastor Vic concentrates on the wise men and begins to show that the traditional nativity story of the Birth of Jesus is not in line with the Word of God.

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