Giving under the New Covenant. #7

In the last message of the current series, Pastor Vic looks at a topic he did not want to cover!

Tithing is not part of New Covenant giving; however, given the many questions about tithing throughout this series, Pastor Vic looks at this in this message.

You do have to give into the Kingdom but this teaching will show you that you do not have to tithe!

NB: The audio quality of this message is not up to our usual standard due to forementioned problems.

Giving under the New Covenant. #6

This week Pastor Vic looks at the application of spiritual laws with regard to sowing and reaping.

He reminds us that we cannot ignore them; spiritual laws without a corresponding action from you will not work for you; we do this willingly, cheerfully and with love!

Giving under the New Covenant. #5

This week Nunsy shares from Luke 16 and reminds us that we need to apply Kingdom principles when it comes to giving; it is not just about parting with money!

Giving under the New Covenant. #4

This is now the 4th teaching in our 'Giving Under the New Covenant' series.

In this message, Pastor Vic explores the relationship between Paul and the Church at Corinth with regards to their giving; or rather lack of giving.

Pastor Vic uses this as a picture to explain a number of changes in thinking that he has had recently around the topic of giving under new covenant grace.

Giving under the New Covenant. #3

By looking at Paul's relationship with the Church at Philippi, Pastor Vic resumes this teaching series and shows us that 'partnership' is a New Covenant principle.

Giving under the New Covenant. #2

2 Corinthians 9 v 7 is the main Scripture in this new series that Pastor Vic is now preaching.

In the second message of the series we look at a picture on new covenant giving that can be found in Exodus.

God gave the people material wealth as they left Egypt; He gave them a reason to give through the building of the tabernacle and He inspired them to give as willing and cheerful partners.

This is also how "giving works" under new covenant grace.

Giving under the New Covenant. #1

In the message today, Pastor Vic starts a new series called, 'Giving under the New Covenant.'

This teaching will cover many aspects of giving under grace; when to give, how to give and how much to give, for example.

In this message we look at the verse that underpins New Covenant giving, 2 Corinthians 9 v 7; and see that there really is no exception clause for the New Covenant believer; we should all be giving financially into the Kingdom.
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