Leadership - 6B

The second part of Pastor Paul Loh's final session of teaching on, 'Leadership'.

Leadership - 6A

The first part of Pastor Paul Loh's final teaching session on, 'Leadership.'

Leadership - 5

Pastor Paul Loh continued on Sunday with his 'Leadership' teaching.


Apologies for some mobile phone interference.

Leadership - 4

Saturday's third session - 19 May.


Leadership - 3

Saturday's second 'Leadership' session in full.

Leadership - 2B

Second part of Saturday's first session.

NB: These teachings are presented as recorded so there is some interaction between Pastor Paul and the folk who were there.

Leadership - 2A

This is the first part of the first teaching on the Saturday morning.

Leadership - 1B

Second part of Friday evening's teaching - 18 May 2018.

Leadership - 1A

Pastor Paul Loh begins our weekend of teaching on the subject of, 'Leadership.'

Please be aware that no editing has been done on this series of messages; they are presented as recorded, so there is some interaction with the people who were there. Questions were asked and some clarification sought. Pastor Paul also used some diagrams so please be patient as you listen because you will be blessed and encouraged as well as being challenged!

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