Sunday 25th September - God is Love

In the sermon today Pastor Vic picks up from the las couple of weeks, when Nunsy spoke of the love of God.

This week he takes a step back and tells us that God is Love.

1 John chapter 4 uses this phrase twice, but what does it mean and what does it mean for us as individuals?

Sunday 18th September - God’s Love

In the message this week, Nunsy contines to exhort us to live fully in the love that God has for each of us.

What does the apostle Paul have to say on this truth?


Sunday 11th September - Stand Firm

In the message today, Nunsy encourages us to stand firm in our beliefs, stand firm in our convictions and stand firm on the Word.

What can we learn from the lives of Jane Eyre, and Her Majesty the Queen?

Listen to find out!

Sunday 4th of September - Take Heed Therefore unto Yourselves

In the serfmon today Pastor Vic looks at Acts 20 v 28, where Paul reminds us to 'take heed therefore unto yourselves'.

We see that Paul rested and that Jesus rested, so we should also rest.

Looking at Psalm 139 v 14 we see that we are marvellous, and ought to love ourselves.


Sunday 28th August - God’s Love

Is it that important to know that God loves us?

Is it not enough that He does love us?

Why do we need to increase our knowledge in this area, and have a deep revelation of His love for us as an individual?

Nunsy expounds the truth in His Word and tells us why we need to "be a John".


Sunday 21st August - 1 Thessalonians 17

Pastor Vic closes chapter 2 by looking at what he says as the prime driver for Paul.

He wants to see souls saved and wants to see many saints with him when Jesus returns.

Paul is a people person, interested in people.

Sundy 7th August - 1 Thessalonians 16

Pastor Vic continues with his series working through 1 Thessalonians.

Today we can see the depth of love Paul has for the church and for the saints, and look at the importance of Christian fellowship and participation in a local church.


Sunday 31st July - Time is Your Friend

This is a stand alone teaching from Pastor Vic, a sermon of encouragement and challenge.

Time is your friend, if you use it wisely. Time will pass whatever you do, so why not invest in a harvest, invest in your future.

Pastor Vic tells you a good use of your time, a way to use time as a friend and an opportunity.


Sunday 24th July - Inclusion, Diversity and Equality!

This week Pastor Vic shares his thoughts on inclusion, diversity and equality.

Based upon the sermon last week, we look at what the Bible has to say about these topics.



Sunday 17th July - 1 Thessalonians 15

This week Pastor Vic continues his verse by verse study of the first of Paul's epistles to the church in Thessalonica.

Today we look at why the Jews were presecuting him; trying to stop him preaching to the Gentiles.

And we see what we should be proclaiming to a world in need.

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