How to soften your heart. #6

This week Nunsy Cameron brings the next message in this current series.

Much of modern day Christian philosophy puts the onus on the born again believer to deal with sin. We hear that every sin we commit has to be confessed if we are to maintain our relationship with God, through Jesus Christ. Much of Christian evangelism is designed to make us feel guilty.

Although sin has earthly consequences for us, and it can be deadly, we need to have a revelation of our absolute forgiveness because of Jesus' finished work on the cross. We are no longer under law but under grace and the Law made nothing perfect! [Heb. 7 v 19]

God has provided, through Jesus' finished work on the cross, a once for all sacrifice! We need to have a full understanding of our absolute forgiveness, through this sacrifice, in order to help the process of the softening of our heart.

NB: You will probably need to visit this message a number of times to start to fully understand its implications.

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